Christ & Gantenbein – 10 Models

In their exhibition, Christ & Gantenbein present a curated collection of ten architectural models from various phases of their 25 years of practice. These models were deliberately chosen to reflect the profound changes that have taken place in architecture over the past two decades. At the same time, they illuminate recurring themes within Christ & Gantenbein’s work, such as building with and in existing structures, architecture as a technical discipline, sustainable urban development, building typologies, and designing spaces for art. These specific challenges manifest in simple yet striking objects that present architectural models as representations of a distinct reality while simultaneously stimulating ideas for alternate possibilities. At a time when artificial intelligence prompts us to question our perception and relationship to authenticity, the physical architectural model stands as a tribute to the imagination.

Christ & Gantenbein: Housing and Retail Volta Mitte (Foto: Stefano Graziani)