Blick über die Wasserachse auf das Q1
Photo © Christian Richters
Photo © Michael Wolff
Foyer Q1
Photo © Christian Richters
Forum Q2
Photo © Christian Richters
Photo © JSWD / CMA
Raum der Stille im Q2
Photo © Ardex / Armin wentel
Casino im Q2
Photo © Christian Richters
Kita Miniapolis
Photo © Michael Wolff
Photo © Christian Richters

Thyssenkrupp Quarter

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Thyssenkrupp Allee 1, 45143 Essen
Thyssenkrupp AG
Chaix & Morel etAssocies, ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H & Co. KG, LAND Germany

Announcing its return to Essen, the principal, Thyssenkrupp AG, clearly turns its attention to the region where the technology giant has its roots. The company continues to write its history on the grounds of the former Fried. Krupp cast iron factory from 1811. Typologically, the new quarter follows the idea of campus architecture, an ensemble of various individual buildings on a “green carpet” with trees, connecting paths and small squares. Expectations were focused on a structure that would flexibly react to changes within the company. The new Thyssenkrupp Campus symbolizes openness, coming together and communication, both within the quarter and looking outward, toward the bordering city neighbourhoods.
The Q1 office building is the readily noticeable accent at the centre of the structure-providing main water axis. The Q1 forms the heart of the Thyssenkrupp Quarter. Up to 54 meters high, it is taller than all the other buildings on the campus yet without dominating them. However, the building stands out because of its expressive shape, not its height. The geometric restrictions of the diverse volumes surrounding the centre create an indistinguishable outer shape. The interior is characterized by exciting room sequences where the glazed atrium forms the centre. It extends across 11 floors and is structured by intermediate levels and floating bridges. The room concludes with two landscape windows aligned with the water axis measuring 28 by 26 meters. The windowpanes are supported by filigree cable constructions, so the window appears to the user to be made from a single pane of glass. All these elements combine to form a corporate architecture, thus making it impossible to mistake the new corporate centre for the headquarters of different corporations.
The Q1 has been awarded a gold certificate by the German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB). The building has also received the BDA Essen award, the “2012 German Steel Construction Award” and one of the “LEAF Awards”, in addition to others.

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