© INTERBODEN Group/HPP Architects; Visualisation: bloomimages
© INTERBODEN Group/HPP Architects; Visualisation: bloomimages
© INTERBODEN Group/HPP Architects; Visualisation: bloomimages
© INTERBODEN Group/HPP Architects; Visualisation: bloomimages

The Cradle

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Rental Area
6,600 m²
MIPIM/The Architectural Review Future Project Award 2018, ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Architecture 2018

In Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour district, HPP Architekten are designing for the INTERBODEN Group the city’s first office building in timber hybrid construction – a circular pilot project in many respects. With its futuristic sustainability concept and striking architecture, the Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C) inspired building stands for innovation, openness and a new perception of architecture. The holistic value-adding concept has been central right from the start, so that in all processes the thinking is cyclic and equal consideration is given to economic, ecological and social aspects – along the entire value chain and the entire life cycle.

The pioneering concept is characterised by three major planning themes: 1. the integral facade combines a variety of functions, gives visual expression to the C2C principle and creates a distinctive building with an identity for the place. 2. the climate-friendly and health-promoting timber hybrid construction generates a positive ecological footprint with added value for users and the environment. 3. in the sense of 'circular economy', The Cradle understands itself as a material depot: all the construction materials used have been selected for their material health, single origin and separability, so that at the end of their life they can be re-used or returned to the materials cycle.

All the materials used in The Cradle will be documented in a building material passport via a 3D BIM model. This enables optimal material selection in the planning and provides precise documentation of the available materials for the deconstruction process. The digital twin illustrates the whole life cycle – from creation through useful life to demolition. After completion, as the first pilot project in Germany The Cradle will be registered on the Madaster platform – a global online register for materials and building products. Linking Madaster to the raw materials exchange will enable buildings to be represented as repositories of valuable raw materials.

Inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle® principle, realisation of The Cradle will be based not only on recyclable materials, but also on an overall circular approach. Alongside the classic planning process, an integral cooperation between all disciplines will question the tried and tested solutions, investigate new avenues and develop innovative approaches. Thus, in the sense of "sharing economy", the mobility and utilisation concept generates tangible added value not only for the building users, but also for the entire neighbourhood. A mobility hub will provide users of the building and nearby residents with services based primarily on e-mobility, with an array of charging stations and car and bike-sharing facilities. As one of the tenants, the co-working service provider SPACES will provide flexible office solutions for a wide range of users and opens The Cradle – besides its gastronomy areas on the ground floor – for the entire neighbourhood.

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