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Some people call it inspiration, some call it genius, others a gift – We call it partnership – HPP is an architectural partnership that was set up more than 87 years ago by Helmut Hentrich and is now being run by its fourth generation of architects. The idea and the spirit behind the contracts that were signed all those years ago are still relevant today. An organisational framework forms the basis of trust for each of the partners and their teams to work freely on their projects. We are committed to the potential of individual creativity and the inspiration that is borne out of collaboration with colleagues. The partners’ various areas of responsibility and the way they work together are organized according to a clear set of rules and we see it as vitally important that the management is constantly refreshed with new members. We have thus been able to remain a young practice that nonetheless benefits from immense knowledge and a unique wealth of experience.

From start to finish, each of our projects is led by one of the partners and his team. We hold regular partners’ meetings, in which all projects are discussed and seek thereby to retain a consistently high standard throughout the practice. The decentralized nature of our organisation, with branch offices in Germany’s most important economic centres ensures that we can provide local knowledge, a fast response and contact to the most important people on the ground. The same applies to our offices abroad.

Today, HPP consists of three companies and has a total of 450 employees in eight offices in Germany, one in the Netherlands and four offices in Eastern Europe and Asia. The managing directors Gerhard G. Feldmeyer and Volker Weuthen bear overall responsibility for the entire HPP Group.

Competences: Urban planning | Lead consulting | Landscape planning | Architecture | Interior design | Construction management | Reconstruction | Revitalisation | Historic preservation | Organizational planning

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