Entrance Square Wuwei

DAtrans was founded as an international research association dedicated to architecture and urbanism in 2001 in Berlin. And in 2004 DAtrans Architecture Office was established by the partners CHEN Xudong and WU Jie in Shanghai and moved into the current working space in M50 by Suzhou Creek.

From the establishing on, DAtrans focuses on the evolution and mutation of the contemporary cities under the globalization’s context, involved in the environmental transformation and urban renewal in contemporary China with the positive attitude and the critical argument. With the multidisciplinary, pluralized and international collaboration we also devote to the local architectural practice. We try to follow the interactive working method with the rigorous research and the dynamic strategy. As the final approach we try to discover and define a new architectural aesthetics according to the application of new materials and digital technology.

The best known projects of DAtrans Architecture Office are M50 urban renovation, Art Deco Furniture Gallery, Jiangnanhui Resort West Lake, Twin Towers Hangzhou and the Library of Guangdong Art Museum (GDMOA),competition for Train Station Commercial Area Kaifeng,Asplund Library in Stockholm and Theme garden for Expo 2010 Shanghai etc.

And as one of the most young and creative architecture offices the works have been presented in the important exhibitions of NAI, CIVA and RAM and introduced in many well-known international public and professional medias such as The New York Times, Architectural Record, Domus and Bauwelt etc. Meanwhile, DAtrans could also be discovered in many important the art exhibitions and cultural events such as Chinese Power Stations London, Shenzhen/ Hongkong Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture and etc.

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