Temporary Membrane Roof

Velden am Wörtersee, Austria, 2015

Client UATT Imm.Ver. GmbH Architects tensile evolution Local Engineer Steinthaler Manufacturers/Products Membrane: PTFE Tena...

STO Exhibition Stand BAU 2015

Munich, 2015

Client sto SE & Co. KGaA Architects FAT LAB Manufacturers/Products STO Façade panel Planning: 2014     Completion: 2015 W...

Convertible Membrane Roof

Buchs, Switzerland, 2014

The foldable Membrane roof spans over a 50m long pedestrian road in the center of Buchs, Switzerland. In the deployed state the membrane ...

Media Headquarters

Arabia, United Arab Emirates, 2013

Architects REX Architecture Planning 2013 Work structural design

Piazza Parasols

Medina, Saudi Arabia, 2011

The outside areas of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina are spanned by 260 parasols. The total spanned area amounts to 145,000 m². The height...

Norway Pavilion Expo Shanghai China

Shanghai, China, 2010

The supporting structure of the Pavilion consists of 15 tree elements. These laminated timber constructions are spanned by a PTFE membran...

Poruklu Marina

Poruklu, Turkey, 2009

The supporting structure of this roof system for floating platforms is fully made of aluminium. The membrane is composed of PVC-coated po...

Hotel am Rathaus Oberkochen


By the new construction of the Hotel emerges a building which exists respectfully but self-confident in relation to adjacent structures a...