Haus der Kirche

An important emphasis in our work lies in consolidating the complex conditions for architecture into a simple, plausible design. Contextual, functional, economic and technical considerations are given equal weight here to formal aspects that develop from the logic of a building volume. The treatment of the topography of the specific site, the interpretation and incorporation of existing structural conditions, as well as the modern use of in some cases regional materials come together to form a matrix out of which the respective concepts are then developed. Concentrating on the essential is central to our work, an approach pursued by way of the cautious, conceptual deployment of form, material and colour in every last detail. Applying this philosophy, our office devotes itself to a broad spectrum of building tasks, ranging from new structures sensitively inserted in urban and rural environments to conversions and reinterpretations of listed buildings. Our main areas of endeavour are the planning and execution of cultural institutions, facilities for research and education, and office and administration buildings.

Competences: Educational | Offices | Research | Commercial | Universities | Hotels | Cultural | Residential

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