Frankfurt am Main
Mainova Bürowelt mit Energie Park
Visualization © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ
Im Lageplan vlnr Wohnbau, Werkwohnungen, Innovations Campus, Bürowelt und Energie-Park
Drawing © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ DGJ
Erdgeschoss mit Grüner Querachse oben und Energie-Park rechts
Drawing © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ
Athmosphären und Beispiele Energie-Park
Picture © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ
Modelleinsatz mit Mainova-Bürowelt
Picture © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ
Mainova Bürowelt mit Energie Park
Picture © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ
Strassenansicht Mainova-Bürowelt
Visualization © Kölling Architekten mit DGJ
DGJ Landscapes
Frankfurt am Main
Daniel Jauslin, Daphne Keegstra, Mariia Semibratova
Lead Designer and Office Architect
Kölling Architekten BDA
Team Designer and Housing & Reuse Architect
DGJ Architektur

Kölling Architekten BDA and DGJ Architektur with DGJ Landscapes win 1st prize in the urban planning ideas competition Mainova-Campus. We are delighted about the recognition of our contribution to the idea of the urban redevelopment of the Mainova AG properties North of Messe Frankfurt.

With a combination of redevelopment and new construction, the new Mainova Campus is to become a future-oriented quarter that also makes an offer to the neighbourhood with a public park.
Our proposal is intended to revitalise the existing buildings, which are only 20 years "old", and to complement them with new impulses. The core idea of the planning is a strong, urban setting that creates a new Mainova campus. This is framed in the east by the new building of the 'Mainova World' and in the west by the new construction of company and rental flats. The urban components are complemented by a new citizens' park, the 'Park der Energie' which opens up the campus to the neighbourhood. All the architects worked together with DGJ Landscapes on the open space design, especially the park, because we are all convinced that an urban design must be conceived "from the green". In this way, the campus is integrated in the city and offers citizens local recreation and identification potential. One challenge of the urban planning reorganisation of the Mainova site was to transform the very different specifications into a homogeneous concept.
The high-calibre jury wrote: "The urban design concept is convincing because it responds appropriately to the surrounding urban spaces, ensures internal networking and at the same time creates a clear structuring of individual areas. (...) Overall, the design represents a convincing contribution to the task at hand, because it responds convincingly to the site and its framework conditions, translates the requirements of a sustainable working world and environment well in spatial terms, and becomes an integral building block of City-West. (...) The weaving structure of the publicly usable space on the pedestrian level is convincingly presented across the entire site. Green spaces and paved paths are connected with differentiated opportunities to stay and offer enrichment in the respective usage zones via different vegetation areas. The quality of work and living contributes to a new campus concept with an expected high level of identification. (...) " reports the jury with the expert judges Prof. Michael Schumacher, Prof. Zvonko Turkali, Prof. Dr. Maren Harnack, Jon Prengel, Prof. Cornelia Bott.
Kölling Architekten BDA, DGJ Architektur and DGJ Landscapes are particularly proud to have made a joint successful contribution to the urban development of this large area in the north of our adopted city of Frankfurt am Main, where Hans Drexler and his good old friends Moritz and Sabine Kölling have been established since 1999.

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