Foyer Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg Hamburg

To us, spaces are much more than playgrounds for interior design concepts. When designing, we are about making the characters of companies and personalities visible and noticeable. You feel our spaces, live them, sense the conceptual thought by which they are carried. Consequently, we don’t see rooms as introverted units, not mere functional modules, but ’experiencing spaces’ having an effect outward and inward. Our passion is held by spaces which communicate something and stir positive emotions.

Each brand has their own identity. Brands are like people – each has their own demands and sensitivities. That is why we develop our brand spaces out of the particular brand essence. We translate brand values into space concepts which make the brand’s character visible. Even though we act and plan rationally as interior architects, it is emotional questions that guide us: How does a brand space feel right? Does it show the vital facet of the brand? Does it thrill the people visiting it for the brand? Does it meet the visions and demands of the people responsible for the brand? Also for ourselves as the interior architects responsible. Rooms that feel good also come across right.

Our portfolio includes services such as exhibition design, hotel planning, hotel concepts, interior design, interior planning, store design, store planning, shop fitting and design, shop fitting design…

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