Photo © Zooey Braun
Photo © Zooey Braun
Photo © Zooey Braun
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Drawing © IF Group

Bar Fou Fou

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Leonhardstraße 13, 70182 Stuttgart

The FouFou is a champagne bar situated at the very edge of Stuttgart’s red light district. Opening onto a small square, it occupies a corner building that formerly housed an antique shop. The interior design was inspired by the building’s location and history, resulting in a space where boudoir meets salon. The FouFou makes optimum use of the limited space at its disposal: Four separate salons, each with its own unique character, stretch over three storeys.

You enter the FouFou straight into an L-shaped barroom arranged around a large bar counter. Mirrors affixed to the wall behind the bar expand the space further still. The entrance area is heralded by a large, fabric-covered ceiling light that serves as a room opener. The bar itself is upholstered in a metallic greenish-gold diamond pattern, which is continued on the ceiling in the rear area of the barroom. The walls are executed in a complimentary shade of classic green. This forms an effective backdrop for the white, original case tree windows. The bar can be opened up to the outside during the summer, enabling customers to be served outside. A continuous bench runs along the outer wall of the bar area, enabling maximum use of the limited space. At the rear of the room is a newly constructed, enclosed stairwell. A black, sculptural element serves as a hinge directing one flight of stairs to the floor above
and another down to the floor below.

The Red Salon is located on the upper floor. Here the smooth cast floor of the barroom changes into thick pile carpet. The room is divided down the centre by two listed sections of wall that had to be preserved after refurbishment. Bronzed mirrors mask this incision, creating a fascinating spatial perception. This salon is dominated by a capacious, upholstered bench that runs around its three sides. The ceiling is decorated by a lighting installation of semi-mirrored, golden light bulbs spanning the longitudinal axis of the salon, thereby conjoining both halves of the room. The brass colour of the lights is further reflected in the hexagonal occasional tables.

Another salon with a refurbished wooden floor is located on the floor below. It is furnished with jet-black reproduction furniture commingling with modern elements in a metallic bronze tone. The individual elements are grouped to create intersecting ensembles of old and new. The rear wall of this salon is denoted by a heavy mauve-coloured curtain complemented by a large standing lamp. Saloon doors with an oval glass panel lead from this salon to the smokers’ lounge. Its dark interior is designed to complement the dissolute pleasure of smoking. The room is papered in dark-brown, crocodile leather wallpaper and heavy Chesterfield armchairs are gathered around an open fireplace.


102 sqm

Peter Ippolito, Gunter Fleitz, Tim Lessmann, Hakan Sakarya, Yuan Peng

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