Photo © Steffen Michael Gross
Photo © Steffen Michael Gross
Photo © Steffen Michael Gross
Photo © Steffen Michael Gross
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © Knut O. Laubner

Centre for Intelligent Building, CIB.

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Coudraystraße 4 , 99423 Weimar
STIFT Thüringen
Area GFA
6 530 m²

Sources of knowledge for the future: Weimar’s current research institutions and the Materials Research and Testing Laboratory of the Bauhaus University are brought together under one roof in the Centre for Intelligent Building in Weimar (CIB). The purpose of the new building, which was partially financed by the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research in Thüringen (STIFT), is the advancement of materials, methods, products and processes in construction. The five-storey block adopts the scale of its immediate neighbours and fits in with the surrounding developments; the reinforced concrete design with glazed main facade is characterised by a clear structure and reduced number of different materials used. The building provides 1200 m² of floor area for testing facilities, 850 m² for laboratories and 1500 m² for office space, as well as communication areas and storage rooms. On the ground floor, a two-storey column-free hall extends over the whole building length and opens up an 87 metre long testing hall for multiple users. The three upper storeys have four cubic office and laboratory modules that span over the testing hall and, as with all the functional units, are connected to one another by a glazed stairwell.

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