Photo © BIAD Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Photo © HG Esch
Drawing © HENN

Beijing International Automotive Expo Center

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Car museum west road, Beijing, China
Cooperation partners
B+H ARCHITECTS Shanghai, BIAD Beijing
55 000 m²
2004 - 2009

The automotive museum will be realised as the first building of the Beijing International Automotive Expo. The project which results from the 2004 competition award has been revised from its original planning. In view of dimension, roads, production and marketing potentials optimised requirements have been formulated and implemented in a draft design: The ground floor is now structured into two building parts linked with one another via an open passageway.

The southern and larger part is dominated by a generous entrance hall linked with the above exhibition areas by an elliptical open space widening to the top. In support of a flexible use of this space all development elements were moved to the periphery. The immediately adjacent conference centre offers variously sized rooms and seating for approx 650 participants. To the northern segment a 4-D cinema is planned. It can be operated under separate management.

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