Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein

Medicine, research and education are complex and extremely specialized industries. Scientific advancements, the evolution of technology and changes in the political and economic framework require, from architects in particular, great flexibility, efficiency and experience. Since being founded in 1959, HDR architects and engineers have completed more than 1,600 individual projects – of which 42 were new hospital buildings with approximately 12,000 beds, as well as partially new buildings and renovations with approximately 8,000 beds. In the fields of science, we have worked with some of the leading scientific institutions,designing facilities and laboratories for life sciences, physical sciences, translational health sciences, containment and more. We place great value in a trusting partnership with construction professionals in order to be able to analyze construction requirements and to design practical solutions. Only as a team will we be able to create buildings that satisfy the requirements of the future. Our goal is to achieve an intelligent combination of sustainable efforts and integrated concepts. We design flexible spatial structures that improve people’s sense of well-being while allowing for future changes in use. With our distinctive design, our architecture also serves as local landmarks and improves cityscapes. In addition to individual construction projects and initial medical technology packages, we also provide solutions for orientation and logistics systems, existing buildings, and networked functional units. Our integrated approach to design allows us to create the health, research and education centers of the future. In 2013 we joined global design firm HDR, Inc.

Competences: Architecture | Interior Design | General Planning | Target Planning | Medical and Laboratory Technology Planning | Healthcare Consulting | Master Planning | Business Operation Planning | Sustainable Design | Landscape Architecture

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