Bugatti Geneva Motorshow 2019

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At Geneva Motorshow 2019 Bugatti presents itself with a new exclusive and reduced stand design. The minimalist architecture of the 456 sqm stand is augmented by a mediatecture and subtle media show thus provides the ideal stage for the different car icons. At the same time the minimalistic stand design conveys the perfect connection of aesthetics and function to contrast with the expressive luxury of the automobiles. Vertical and horizontal are formal principles that make up the underlying grid of the architecture and media content. The vertical stands for continuity, heritage, and brand values while the horizontal represents dynamics and speed. The fine horizontal lines penetrate all architectural layers from the outside to the innermost stand areas and they subdivide all levels. The centerline, a basic element of the visual product language, is an integral part of the stand concept and meets the clear architectural language of the building. Another quote from the visual product language is the ellipse-shaped light ceiling above the highlight car. The atrium on the inside is unusually open and provides an area for personal encounters that is innovative for the exclusive brand. Located here is also the exclusive configuration lounge that has a studio character. The first floor is entirely dedicated to personal encounters and exchange. It houses a sky bar, dining area, business area and a conference room. The brand´s exclusive and dynamic claim is further highlighted by the media display´s unusual format of 3:1 as well as the media content. The overall media choreography covers every detail up to the light stripes of the building. Analogous and digital brand space are connected perfectly through stringent formal principles.

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