Cloud Tower

Molter-Linnemann Architekten BDA

If we need to lift large amounts of water of the ground in order to pressurize a water distribution system, we might as well use and complement the structure for other purposes, such as generating and storing energy. First, we propose to split the water reservoir into two separate reservoirs placed above eachother. We can use the higher water reservoir to store potential energy, creating a system for storing solar energy. We cover the construction as much as possible with high efficiency solar photovoltaic cells. Solar energy is used to pump water up into the lower tank. If there is a energy surplus water is pumped into the higher tank. Flowing back into the lower reservoir this water can drive turbines, extracting the energy again. When sufficient solar energy is available, the water is pumped into the high reservoir again. The top reservoir also doubles as a sun cover to keep the main water storage reservoir cool (preventing the development of microbes). The middle volume holds the technical spaces. The filter systems are integrated in the carrying construction.

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